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Sculpting with Cardboard

Instructor: Mykl Wells
Dates: May 7 and 14, 2011
Time: 9:30 AM – 4:30 PM with 1 hour for lunch
Workshop Fee: $160
Supply Fee: $10, includes all supplies

Cardboard is free, abundant, and strong. It's also an excellent medium for self expression. Only the simplest of tools are required to cut, fold bend and glue cardboard. We will dive right in building a basic geometric form. The second part of the class we will apply those techniques to build more complicated forms explore how to create truly rounded, free flowing forms out of cardboard. We will discuss how to seal the work and protect it from cardboards worst enemy, moisture. It is recommended that participants be able to draw and have some familiarity with three-dimensional design. 

Mykl Wells has been quietly making art and organizing the local artist community for over twenty-five years. The child of an art historian Mykl's early childhood was immersed in classical art and classical art education. Later this would fuse with a resourcefulness born of the DIY punk culture that he came of age in. He first made his mark in Tucson in the late seventies as a graffiti-stencil artist. Later he was instrumental in founding the first All Souls Precession with sculptress Susan K. Johnson. In the mid-eighties, broke and living on the streets of Bristol England, Mykl began his first experiments using cardboard as a sculpting medium; something that would become a hallmark of his art. On his return to Tucson he began to incorporate cardboard elements into the frames of his paintings and prints as well. In the nineties, Mykl started building monumental cardboard sculpture, many over ten feet tall, for the annual nighttime illuminated art festival, GLOW! In the last three years he has been a key organizer and jack-of-all-trades, expanding and supporting this local event. 

Visit Mykl's web-site at http://www.myklwells.com/ to view more of his work.

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