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Shrine of Contemplation

Instructor: Rebecca O’Day
Dates: May 21 and 28, 2011
Time: 9:30 AM – 4:30 PM with 1 hour for lunch
Workshop Fee: $160
Supply Fee: $15
Supply list:  Gather a lunch bag sized container of "things" to build into your "altar". A solo earring from a pair, a photo, a scrap of wallpaper, a pinecone, a button, a bottle cap...something you may have found and for some reason, kept. Rebecca will have a diverse array of things to choose from in addition to things you will bring.
This workshop is about feeding your soul and honoring yourself through remnants of your life that make you feel whole. The class will gather and glean thru an assortment of components to create a personal art piece. You should know this process is wrought with self-reflection and fun! Gathering together items; arranging and rearranging them on/in our boxes; and affixing with glue.

It's been said that "Rebecca's work is akin to a dream....a premonition." She employs color and line as well as blank spaces to create compositions that exist with independence, all their own from the actual objects they portray. There is a huge emotional component to her paintings; they are alternative ways of describing her visual experiences, thoughts, and wishes. She prefers to think of her work as “Expansionism,” expressive abstract impressions that she wants to share for the viewer to digest and interpret in their own way. She works in mixed media collage almost constantly. Her work tables are covered with rusted objects, scraps of fabric, twigs, broken glass…from which she constructs altar-like wall and table pieces. She refers to this art form as my Resurrection Art, giving new life and beauty to the carelessly tossed detritus of mankind. Her artwork is shown in numerous places in Oregon, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona. She owns the Straw House Gallery & Studio on the Amado Territory Ranch in Amado, AZ. Visit her web-site at http://strawhousegallery.org.

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